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The Lipson Center at Wellstar-Kennestone Hospital

Bilson & Associates Designs Wellstar-Kennestone Hospital's New Entrance
Main Entrance

Bilson & Associates was selected to provide Landscape Architectural services for the new main-entrance Boulevard and Lipson Center at Wellstar-Kennestone Hospital. We worked closely with the hospital on this design, ensuring it would meet their standards and for years to come.

With several adjacent buildings remaining, in addition to underground vaults and buildings, there was considerable care taken to ensure all plantings and hardscape features would not only compliment the new features, but also would not be detrimental to any of the existing subterranean conditions. Plants were selected to provide year-round interest and colors, while being low-maintenance and low-water use varieties. Colors and textures were chosen to provide interest and focal points. Hardscape features were selected to compliment the buildings, plus provide a sense of place for visitors. Sidewalks were designed to look unique, while also providing smooth surfaces to move on. Bricks were chosen to define edges and to border concrete walkways.

Although much of the site can be experienced by driving through or walking within the hardscape & landscape, some features & patterns are only visible from elevated spaces (such as the nearby parking decks or the hospital rooms in the buildings).
Bilson & Associates Designs Wellstar-Kennestone Hospital's New Entrance
View From Above
This was done to provide a more complete level of design, as many landscapes and hardscapes at hospitals fail to consider the views of the people staying in the rooms above. This can be as important if not more so than the views of those standing within the landscape, as many studies have proven that what patients see from their rooms can heavily influence their level of stress, happiness and recovery times.

In addition to design services, we also coordinated the efforts of the general contractor and landscape contractor during the project. Spending as much time as possible on-site before, during and after installation allows us to keep our hands on a project and ensure it meets our client's standards. This also allows us to make adjustments quickly when field conditions inevitably change, while still meeting the original design intent From start to finish, we are involved every step of the way.
Bilson & Associates Designs Wellstar-Kennestone Hospital's New Entrance
View at Night Time

Our scope included conceptual design, design development plans as well as full CD's with construction details. In addition to this portion of the hospital, we also are helping the hospital to develop their long-term hardscape and landscape guidelines for the overall campus. This will ensure that the hospital can move towards a unified design concept that is cohesive throughout their campus.

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